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Sink Cutter

Operate diamond or carbon silicate saws to cut sink openings.

What does a Sink Cutter do?

Operates diamond or carbon silicate saw to cut drain grooves and sink openings in sandstone countertops and smooths and rounds sink openings, using portable sander, metal bar, and sandpaper: Pushes countertop from conveyor onto saw bed and positions top under saw blade. Turns valve to start flow of coolant onto saw blade and pulls trigger to start rotation of saw blade. Lowers saw to stone surface and tightens wing nut to maintain cutting level and pushes saw through slab to cut sink opening, following predrilled holes as guides. Turns slab on bed to cut remaining sides of sink opening. Installs abrasive blade on saw, using wrench, to cut drain grooves in specified slabs. Pushes stone slab into sanding booth and completes cutting of sink openings, using portable, diamond-bladed circular saw. Rounds and smooths sink edges, using portable disk sander, iron bar, and sandpaper.