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Silk Finisher

Press dry-cleaned and wet-cleaned silk and synthetic fiber garments.

What does a Silk Finisher do?

Presses drycleaned and wet-cleaned silk and synthetic fiber garments, using hot-head press or steamtable, puff irons, and hand iron: Operates machine presses to finish those parts that can be pressed flat and completes other parts of garments by pressing with hand iron. Finishes parts difficult to reach, such as flounces, by fitting parts over puff irons. Finishes velvet garments by steaming on buck of hot-head press or steamtable, and brushing pile with handbrush. Finishes fancy garments, such as evening gowns and costumes, with hand iron, applying knowledge of fabrics and heats to produce high quality finishes which cannot be obtained on machine presses. Presses ties on small pressing machine or by inserting heated metal form into tie and touching up rough places with hand iron. Finishes pleated garments, determining size of pleat from evidence of old pleat or from work order and presses with machine press or hand iron. May press wool fabrics requiring precision finishing. In establishments where many SILK FINISHERS are employed may be designated according to specialty as Finisher, Hand; Form-Finishing-Machine Operator; Hot-Head-Machine Operator; Pleat Presser; Puff-Iron Operator I; Tie Presser; Velvet Steamer.