Silica Filter Operator

Operate silica-filtering machines to remove protein particles from beer.

What does a Silica Filter Operator do?

Operates silica-filtering machine to remove protein and yeast particles from beer: Positions filter screens between frames and lowers screens into filter tank, using power winch. Fills mixing tank with specified amounts of silica and water. Starts agitator that mixes water and silica, and starts pump to transfer mixture into filter tank and coat screens. Turns calibrated carbon dioxide air valve to pressurize tank. Starts pump that transfers beer from storage tank through filter screens to strain protein and yeast particles from beer. Drains off sample of beer and examines it for clarity. Starts pump to transfer filtered beer to bottle-house storage tank or to lager cellars for carbonation. Removes screens from tank, using power winch, and rinses screens with water, using hose. Records number of barrels and type of beer filtered on production records.