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Sign Erector II



Erect, assemble, and maintain roadside signs and billboards.

What does a Sign Erector II do?

Erects, assembles, and maintains roadside signs and billboards at designated locations, using handtools and power tools: Digs hole with post hole digger or shovel. Places wood or metal post in hole. Fills hole with cement and tamps cement to hold post in vertical position. Operates airhammer to drive channel-metal post into ground. Bolts, screws, or nails plywood or metal sign panels to sign post or frame, using handtools. Replaces worn and damaged signs. Repaints rusted signs. May erect metal sign support structure over highways. May operate banding machine to band signs on utility poles. May dismantle and number signs sections for transfer and reassembly at new locations and be designated Advertising-Display Rotator.