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Siding Stapler

Glue and staple wood strips and wedges on edges of plywood panels.

What does a Siding Stapler do?

Glues and staples wood strips and wedges on edges of plywood panels to make siding panels: Places plywood panels and wood strips near workbench. Examines each panel and rejects those with defects. Positions acceptable panel on workbench with finish surface down. Feeds wood strip through rollers that apply glue to bottom side and glues strip along one surface edge of panel. Positions wood wedge on end of panel and staples strip and wedge to panel, using staple gun. Stacks and ties completed panels in bundles to protect finish surfaces from damage during storage or shipment. Paints edges of bundled panels with weather proofing compound, using spray gun. Cuts rejected panels into strips, using table saw. Fills glue container, adding catalyst to obtain prescribed color. Records production.