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Sidewalk Inspector

Check walkways for damage and recommend suitable repairs.

What does a Sidewalk Inspector do?

One of many things that go unnoticed until they’re gone, sidewalks make life much easier for pedestrians. Without a Sidewalk Inspector to regularly check on how sidewalks and other fixtures like fire hydrants and guardrails are holding up, they would soon break down. Stepping on a crack would suddenly become a lot more common.

What does a Sidewalk Inspector do besides inspect sidewalks? Sure, it’s important to take a stroll around town on the lookout for damaged sidewalks, but it’s about more than playing Detective. Your job as a Sidewalk Inspector overlaps with that of a Construction Inspector, and you ensure that all new installations meet safety codes and that budgeting goes toward fixing up sidewalks in less populated areas as well as the packed inner cities.

Creating accessible sidewalks is also high on your to-do list. That inch-high edge is easy enough for a jogger to step over, but wheelchairs have a much harder time. Ramps and sloped areas allow those with disabilities to access safe sidewalks away from traffic.

Finally, you constantly check for damage or obstacles that could be hazardous. A broken drain cover could cause a nasty fall, while a tree limb blown down during a windy night makes part of the sidewalk inaccessible to everyone. You find the people responsible for fixing the problem, and get that sidewalk up and running – or lying – again.