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Reproduce original engravings on metal plates.

What does a Siderographer do?

Reproduces original engravings on metal plates used to print banknotes, bonds, and other securities, using gravers’ handtools and machines: Cuts around designs on roller die to remove undesirable parts of assembled die, using graver, and assembles die from several rollers on which parts of design have been engraved. Lays out construction lines on steel plate, using trammel point, dividers, steel scribers, and gauge, to align subjects to be transferred. Scrapes and burnishes plate surface to remove imperfections, aligns plate on transfer press bed, and positions engraved steel roll on plate, using magnifying glass to verify accuracy. Depresses lever that embeds engraved design on roll into steel plate. Examines transferred design and repeats process until exact reproduction is made. May reproduce design in soft steel rolls.