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Apply siding and install prefabricated doors and windows.

What does a Sider do?

Applies siding and installs prefabricated doors and windows to exterior wall panels of prefabricated and modular homes, following work orders and using handtools: Lays out siding on sheathing, and cuts siding to fit, using square and hand or portable power saw. Fastens siding to sheathing using hammer, nails, and power tacker. Drills vent holes in wall panels, using power drill, and inserts vents. Fastens tarpaper weather stripping around perimeter of door and window openings, using power tacker. Positions and aligns windows and doors in openings, using tape measure. Fastens doors and windows to wall panel studs, using hammer and nails. Moves completed panels to storage area, using electric hoist. May install precut insulation between wall studs.