Shuttle Driver

Move passengers to their destinations comfortably and on-time.

What does a Shuttle Driver do?

A typical shuttle holds around 20 people. A Shuttle Driver is responsible for driving those people from one place to another without scaring them, losing them, or causing them harm.

A Shuttle Driver might work for an airport, a hotel, an automobile repair shop, or an outdoor recreation company. If you’re a Shuttle Driver, you pick up a group of people from one location, or several, then take them to their destination. You may be blessed with a new rig to drive, or you may have an older vehicle that you’ll need to repair from time to time.

You’re required to keep a logbook where you note down how many passengers you have and how many miles you’ve driven. You work in all kinds of driving conditions, from sun to heavy rain to gridlock to smooth sailing. You must adhere to a soothing and even driving style, no matter the condition, and refrain from the kinds of gestures or outbursts that you hurl with impunity from your own car.

You must also have a smooth and even temperament to be successful in this job. This helps you deal with tired or stressed passengers who think they can drive much better than you can, and aren’t afraid to tell you so. You must enjoy meeting people, talking to them, and letting them talk while you drive. You’ll be rewarded for your patience with praises and thanks from a bunch of happy and satisfied passengers who all think you’re the king of the road.