Shrink Pit Operator

Control shrink-pit furnaces to assemble hoops and liners to tubes.

What does a Shrink Pit Operator do?

Controls shrink-pit furnace to assemble hoops and liners to tubes to form cannon barrels: Positions steel blocks in shrink-pit to form angle for subsequent positioning of tube so that breech end of tube will be at floor level. Cleans and oils contact surfaces of parts with gasoline, oil, and graphite to facilitate assembly. Lowers hoops into furnace, using hoist. Moves furnace controls and observes thermocouple pyrometer and recording potentiometer to heat furnace to specified temperature. Guides cold tube, lowered by crane, through hot hoops in furnace. Turns water valve on cooling ring and lowers ring into furnace, using hoist, to spray hoops and shrink them onto tube. Reheats hoop and tube assembly, guides liner into tube, and regulates water spray to shrink tube onto liner.