Shrimp Peeling Machine Operator

Set up and operate peeling machines to behead and peel shrimps.

What does a Shrimp Peeling Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates peeling machine to behead and peel shrimp preparatory to canning or freezing: Spaces peeling rolls on machine, according to size of shrimp to be processed and adjusts holding rack bars to intermesh between rolls, using wrenches. Turns thumbscrews to adjust spring tension on holding rack bars, according to shrimp size and turns valves to start water flow over rolls. Starts machine and feed conveyor and spreads shrimp over feed pan at head of rolls to ensure even distribution, using wooden rake. Examines samples of peeled shrimp to ensure conformance with standards. Adjusts roll spacing and holding for tension as required. Dismantles and cleans machine with high-pressure stream from water hose. May sterilize machine parts by directing hot water or live steam over them with hose.