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Lead the daily work of creating a television show.

What does a Showrunner do?

The job of a Showrunner is pretty much what it sounds like: they run the show. Your title originated after the term ” Executive Producer ” became so widely used that it lost a strong definition, so the term Showrunner was created to describe the actual head of a television series.

What’s an average day like?

Showrunners run the daily operations of the show and are in charge of making sure it succeeds. This position is fast-paced and challenging, requiring a mix of artistic and business sensibilities. Not only do you create story lines, write scripts and cast Actors, you also hire and fire Writers or crew members, keep track of budgets and deal with studio and network bosses.

In short, you are the boss— you usually outrank even the Director. You take care of all aspects of the show, and hold ultimate management and creative authority over the program. But in exchange for this authority you must be able to handle every problem (and there will be a lot) thrown at you.

Often this position is held by a show’s Writer or co-creator though that is not always the case.

Why does this job matter?

Your importance to the overall project can’t be overstated—you decide the entire creative direction of the show! From the character arcs down to the look of the show and even the soundtrack, it’s all down to your call.

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