Showroom Representative

Help customers find what they want on the showroom floor.

What does a Showroom Representative do?

The job of a Showroom Representative is to help customers when they come in to shop the showroom. Showroom Representatives do the same job as any Salesperson in a store does, they just do it in a much larger space and usually with larger ticket items.

The purpose of your job as a Showroom Representative is pretty simple: you make sure customers find what they’re looking for and leave happy with their shopping experience. To do this you might spend part of your day talking to a customer to discover what exactly it is they want, another part calling around to different distributors to find a product that’s not available in your showroom, and end the day filling out the sale paperwork to make sure the piece is delivered on time.

You keep the showroom looking clean and presentable and make sure there are always enough products out on the floor so customers have a good selection of products to choose from. You need to be personable to do this job and able to really help customers figure out what they’re looking for because although you never want to sell someone something they don’t want, you will have sales goals that you’ll need to meet monthly.

Fashion Designers also use Showroom Representatives though their responsibilities are a little different. You still make sure the customer is always happy, but you’ll only sell to Fashion Buyers who come in at the beginning of every season to see what they want to buy and showcase in their stores.