Showroom Manager

Oversee employees and sales at a showroom.

What does a Showroom Manager do?

When you think of buying something you usually imagine yourself in a store or online. But for big ticket items like cars or furniture a lot of companies use showrooms. A showroom is a large room with a lot of product on display for sale and it’s the Showroom Manager’s job to oversee the whole thing. As a Showroom Manager, you might work in just one showroom or you might oversee many, either way you track sales goals, oversee employees, handle any problems that come up and in general make sure everything is running smoothly.

To be a Showroom Manager you need tact and the ability to sell. The tact will help you when dealing with employees or customers since you’re the one to hire and fire employees, make the weekly work schedule, deal with any problems that come up between team members and make sure each and every customer has a positive experience. You fix any problems a customer might have, whether it’s with their order or an employee, and do whatever needs to be done to make sure they leave happy.

Although handling the business side of things is a big part of your job, selling is your number one responsibility. You need to move merchandise and make sure you meet your sales goals especially since as a Manager you serve as an example. The Showroom Representatives working beneath you will look to you for direction in how to communicate well with customers and help them find the perfect product they absolutely have to have.