Shotgun Shell Reprinting Unit Operator

Tend machines that dissolve defective printing from shotgun shells.

What does a Shotgun Shell Reprinting Unit Operator do?

Tends machine that dissolves and wipes defective printing from shotgun shells and reprints them with load information: Pours shells from salvage boxes into deprinting machine hopper. Inserts felt wipers in wiping wells and shell-holding bushings in feed dial to accommodate gauge shell to be run. Fills solvent and ink reservoirs. Pastes strip of rubber type of specified load data around roller and inserts roller in reprinting machine holder. Starts hopper paddle, drying fan, and deprinting and reprinting mechanisms, and observes machine action for jams. Removes jammed shells, using fingers or wire pick. Examines shells for clarity of print and repositions type strip on roller to center printing on shells.