Shotgun Shell Loading Machine Operator

Tend machines that assemble shotgun shells and print load information.

What does a Shotgun Shell Loading Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of automatic machines that assemble shotgun shells and print load information on shell body: Starts machine and observes operation for jams in hoppers, feed tubes and channels, rotary feed plates, and loading and crimping mechanisms. Removes jammed shell components, using fingers or wire hook. Examines samples of completed shells at specified intervals to detect incomplete crimping, bulging wads, and blurred printing. Measures length, head thickness, and diameter, using fixed gauges. Cuts open shell with knife and weighs powder and shot charge on grain scale to ensure charges are within specified limits and wads are correctly placed within shells. Periodically obstructs flow of powder and wads to ensure that automatic warning devices are functioning. Communicates with HOPPER FEEDER and packing workers regarding operational difficulties, quality, quantity, and changeover of shells that corrective action may be taken, using intercom system. Cleans machines of powder, shot, and scrap, using brush and vacuum cleaner. Notifies LOADING-MACHINE TOOL-SETTER of machine malfunctioning.