Shotgun Shell Assembly Machine Operator

Tend battery of automatic machines to assemble shotgun shells.

What does a Shotgun Shell Assembly Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of automatic machines that perform any combination of following operations to assemble shotgun shells preparatory to loading with powder and shot: Starts machine that coils paper strip into wad and presses wad into shell body; presses molded base wad into shell body; presses metal head onto body and crimps head to form extractor flange; or presses loaded primer into head. Observes machines for jams in hoppers and feed mechanisms and removes jammed components. Examines assembled shells for defects, such as open seams, wad bulges, damaged mouths, and malformed or tarnished heads. Measures head thickness and diameter, shell length, and primer depth, using fixed gauges and dial micrometer. Weighs coiled paper base wads on grain scale to verify conformance to specifications. May fill hoppers with components and remove filled containers of assembled shells and rejects.