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Shotblast Equipment Operator

Operate equipment to clean dirt and core materials from steel castings.

What does a Shotblast Equipment Operator do?

Operates equipment to clean dirt, scale, and core materials from steel castings with blasts of steel shot: Presses control panel buttons to adjust equipment settings for manual or automatic operations, length of cycle, sequence and timing of various operations, and position of oscillator. Moves control to activate tow-mechanism drive to transport trolley loaded with castings into shotblast chamber, and watches operation to ensure that hydraulic doors close completely, trolley and oscillator positions are correct, and that air turbine and shotblast wheels start in sequence. Monitors control panel dials and listens to equipment operations to detect jams or malfunctions. Stops equipment to clear jams, replace fallen castings, reposition oscillator, and adjust hydraulic equipment. Notifies machine repairer when unable to correct malfunction. Greases equipment, maintains hydraulic fluid levels, and performs minor maintenance, using grease gun and handtools.