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Shot Tube Machine Tender

Tend machines that crimp rolled paper tubes to form caps.

What does a Shot Tube Machine Tender do?

Tends machines that crimp rolled paper tubes to form caps and press them onto ends of other tubes to make BB shot containers: Starts machines, places tubes on skipped spindles by hand, and removes damaged tubes or scrap paper, using wire hook. Removes completed caps from machine hopper, fills shaker frame with crimped caps from hopper and starts shaker machine to arrange caps crimped-side-down [SHAKER-PLATE OPERATOR]. Examines caps and discards torn, flattened, grease-smeared, or malformed caps. Pushes caps into feeder tray, using T-shape pusher, and hangs loaded tray on gravity-feed station of repairer assembly machine. Notifies machine repairer of malfunction.