Shore Excursion Manager

Organize tours of port cities for cruise ship passengers.

What does a Shore Excursion Manager do?

Cruise ships are the Goliaths of the ocean that offer everything from gambling to live Musicians to nightclubs to sunbathing. But, in addition to entertaining passengers night and day out at sea, cruise lines also work to expose them to the sights and sounds once they pull into a port of call. The Shore Excursion Manager is responsible for building relationships with vendors, promoting excursions, and supervising staff.

The first order of business in your job as Shore Excursion Manager is to find excursions that your passengers will want to pay money for.

What does the area have to offer? Are there wine tastings, city bus tours, or museums to visit? Perhaps there are ocean tours like scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming with the dolphins. And don’t forget the adrenaline junkies looking to zipline, parasail, or four-wheel through the backcountry.

Once you’ve used your Shore Excursion Manager wiles to find reliable and safe vendors, you add them to the product offering aboard the cruise ship. Passengers typically only have one day in each port, so you offer a convenient, prepackaged opportunity that makes it easy for them to take in the area around them.

In addition to locating and marketing the excursions, you supervise your Assistant Shore Excursion Manager and other employees who help explain benefits to passengers. You make sure they’re helpful, polite, and customer-oriented while motivating them to sell appropriate packages in order to help the profitability of the cruise line. Bon voyage!