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Shop Floor Supervisor

Manage your store's sales floor staff.

What does a Shop Floor Supervisor do?

Shop Floor Supervisors oversee the daily operations of a retail store. Your duties as a Shop Floor Supervisor are similar to those of a Manager. You monitor and assess your employees’ performances, while also making yourself available to customers because of your experience and excellent customer service skills.

You may split your time between walking around the floor and working in one of the store’s backroom offices. Spending part of your time at a desk is necessary because you’re involved with the hiring process, evaluating job applications and resumes. Your responsibilities as Shop Floor Supervisor include other administrative tasks as well, like creating the work schedules of your employees and conducting formal evaluations of their performance.

You’re also a full-time problem solver. Whenever there’s a customer problem or question that a Sales Associate is unable to answer, you step in. From time to time, employees may even need to speak to someone about work problems. You’re the person they approach first.

Additionally, you’re in charge of maintaining the floor. When the merchandise runs low, you direct an employee to restock the shelves or racks. You may also be responsible for making sure that the floor stays tidy, assigning a Sales Associate to straighten out shelves of canned soup or put fallen dresses back on hangers.