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Shop Estimator

Estimate cost of repairing damaged automobile and truck bodies.

What does a Shop Estimator do?

Estimates cost of repairing damaged automobile and truck bodies, on basis of visual inspection of vehicle and familiarity with standard parts, costs, and labor rates: Examines damaged vehicle for dents, scratches, broken glass, and other areas requiring repair, replacement, or repainting. Sights along fenders to detect frame damage, or positions vehicle in frame-aligning rig that indicates location and extent of misalignment. Examines interior for evidence of fire or water damage to upholstery and appointments. Determines feasibility of repair or replacement of parts, such as bumpers, fenders, and doors, according to familiarity with relative costs and extent of damage. Computes cost of replacement parts and labor to restore vehicle to condition specified by customer, using standard labor and parts cost manuals. Enters itemized estimate on job order card or estimate form and explains estimate to customer. May estimate cost of mechanical, electrical, or other repairs where shop performs both body work and mechanical servicing of vehicles [AUTOMOBILE-REPAIR-SERVICE ESTIMATOR 620.261-018]. May estimate cost of repainting, converting vehicles to special purposes, or customizing undamaged vehicles, depending on specialty of shop.