Shoes Salesperson

Fit and sell shoes, boots, and other footwear.

What does a Shoes Salesperson do?

Fits and sells shoes, boots, and other footwear: Ascertains style and color of shoe customer wishes. Asks customer shoe size or measures customer’s foot, using measuring device. Obtains footwear of specified style, color, and size from stock. Helps customer try on shoes, observes and questions customer about fit, and feels customer’s feet through shoes to ensure fit. May stretch shoes, using hand stretcher, or insert insoles or instep pads to improve fit. May sell related products, such as handbags, hosiery, shoetrees, and shoe polish. Performs other duties as described under SALESPERSON Master Title. May be designated according to type of shoes sold as Salesperson, Children’s Shoes; Salesperson, Men’s Shoes; Salesperson, Women’s Shoes.