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Shoe Buyer

Fill a retail store's shoe racks with the trendiest footwear.

What does a Shoe Buyer do?

Loafers, sandals, and pumps. Adidas, Dockers, and Rockport. For those who are passionate about shoes, this is their language.

One way for shoe fashionistas to earn a paycheck is a job as a Shoe Buyer. Shoe Buyers are the behind-the-scenes fanatics who hunt down and order shoes, and then ensure they’re in stock for customer purchase.

As a Shoe Buyer, you might work for a company that offers Internet-only sales, or one that stocks nothing but shoes and shoe accessories in its retail establishment. But whether you line the shelves of Famous Footwear or, you’re in tune with what the customer wants. That list is different for each job, depending on whether you’re employed by an upscale boutique or a discount store.

Whether the shoes you hunt down are aimed at the budget shopper or the fashion elite, you must keep informed about what’s available on the market. The job requires plenty of correspondence with your Travel Agent as you jet off to trade shows, fashion shows, and industry conferences.

While your job as a Shoe Buyer typically requires significant travel, you keep busy at the main office, too. That’s because you’re constantly coordinating with Store Managers, the company’s CEO, and marketing teams. In addition, you use your organizational and communication skills to monitor the budget and inventory levels. Along the way, you align purchases with the company’s vision and ensure availability of different styles, colors, and types on the store shelves.