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Shipyard Painter

Prepare woods, fiberglass, and metal surfaces for painting.

What does a Shipyard Painter do?

Prepares wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces for painting, and paints parts, equipment, interiors, and exteriors of ships, boats, and shipyard and marina buildings, using brushes, spray guns, and rollers: Mixes solvents according to formula, and immerses parts in solution or washes surfaces to remove grease, rust, scale, and dirt. Burns off old paint, using blowtorch. Smooths wooden and plaster surfaces, using sandpaper, scrapers, and sanding machines. Fills cracks and holes with patching plaster, putty, or plastic wood. Washes and treats surfaces with oil, turpentine, and other preparations. Brushes and rubs filler material into grained wood to prepare surfaces for painting. Mixes and matches colors of paint, varnish, stain, shellac, and calcimine. Operates spray painting equipment or brushes or rolls paint on surfaces. Sands surfaces between coats and polishes final coat to specified finish. May spray or brush hot plastics or pitch on surfaces. May bake finishes on painted and enameled articles in baking oven. May cut glass and install window and door panes. May hang wallpaper. May cut stencils, and brush or spray lettering and decorations on surfaces.