Shipping Coordinator

Find the most efficient and economical way to send large shipments.

What does a Shipping Coordinator do?

To cut down on costs, companies like to create towers of packages and then send them all out at once. Sending out tiny shipments of one or two boxes isn’t nearly as effective as sending out one batch of 20 items. Sending out these large groups takes work, however, and this is where a Shipping Coordinator proves invaluable. As a Shipping Coordinator, you prepare these large shipments and make sure they’re sent as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Most Shipping Coordinators work in warehouses, handling hundreds of shipments each day. Some elite Shipping Coordinators work for museums, libraries, and other smaller institutions, handling small groups of incredibly valuable objects.

Each day, you check with the Warehouse Coordinator or your Shipping and Receiving Supervisor to determine how many packages will be shipped. Then, you contact various shipping agencies, looking for the most efficient way to ship those packages. If speed is a priority, you ship with overnight services. If value is a priority, you ship with ground-based services.

Once you’ve chosen your shipper and the shipment is ready to go, you create a bill of lading that states exactly what’s in the packages. Sometimes, you create documents that allow the shipments to cross state or country borders. You attach these documents to the boxes, and then enter the shipment in your company’s tracking program.

Clients call from time to time, checking on the status of their packages. When this happens, you use your company’s tracking system and the tracking number you created to find the package and reassure the worried client.