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Shipping and Receiving Weigher

Weigh and record weight of filled containers.

What does a Shipping and Receiving Weigher do?

Weighs and records weight of filled containers, cargo of loaded vehicles, or rolls of materials, such as cotton, sugarcane, paper, cloth, plastic, and tobacco, to keep receiving and shipping records: Reads scale dial to ascertain weight and records weight on ticket, product, or material; or subtracts tare from gross weight to obtain net weight of product or material; or inserts ticket into automatic scale recorder that prints weight on ticket. May convey objects to scale, using handtruck, and lift objects onto scale. May record information on weight ticket, such as grade and yardage. May be designated according to item weighed as Cloth Weigher; Garment Weigher; Roll Weigher; Tobacco Weigher. May signal YARD ENGINEER 910.363-018 to move cars on and off scale and be designated Scaler. May weigh only incoming or outgoing materials or products and be designated Receiving Weigher; Shipping Weigher.