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Shipfitter Helper

Assist Shipfitters in fabricating heavy steel structural parts.

What does a Shipfitter Helper do?

Assists SHIPFITTER in fabricating, assembling, and installing bulkheads, plates, frames, stanchions, and other heavy steel structural parts within hull of ship by performing following tasks: Obtains tools and materials from storage and carries them or arranges for their transportation to work site. Assists SHIPFITTER in establishing reference points on structural member or steel parts to indicate bending, cutting, drilling, and other machining necessary to fabricate steel into ship members. Holds workpieces during welding operations. Cleans slag from welds, using slag hammer and wire brush. Grinds welds smooth, using portable grinder. Measures and cuts metal pieces to specifications, using gas cutting equipment. Tightens bolts, using hand and power wrenches. Assembles and fits gaskets, packing, and liners in place. Tightens turnbuckles of guy wires to hold bulkheads and stanchions in position for welding. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.