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Sheltered Workshop Executive Director

Direct and coordinate sheltered workshop activities.

What does a Sheltered Workshop Executive Director do?

Directs and coordinates sheltered workshop activities of nonprofit organization to train or improve vocational skills of handicapped individuals for gainful employment through productive work: Reviews evaluation made on individual to ascertain type of work recommended and limitations due to specific handicap. Assigns individual to specific tasks, such as cleaning, sorting, assembling, or repairing products or components, and demonstrates methods and procedures for performing work. Observes worker to ensure that work is performed according to prescribed methods and meets established standards. Explains and redemonstrates tasks to resolve work related problems or difficulties. Assigns individual to simpler tasks when worker cannot perform assigned duties. Evaluates individual’s work performance and makes reassignments to different tasks within shop to improve vocational skills. Endeavors to place individual in gainful employment after acquisition of marketable skills. May train handicapped individuals under contract with state agency. May pay workers under contract and license of state agency or by piecework according to contract. May solicit industrial establishment for subcontract work on products or components and be designated Executive Director, Contract Shop.