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Shellfish Processing Machine Tender

Tend washing, blanching, steaming, brining, peeling, or shucking machines.

What does a Shellfish Processing Machine Tender do?

Tends washing, blanching, steaming, brining, peeling, or shucking machine that prepares shellfish for canning, freezing, or fresh packing: Opens valves to admit water, steam, or air under pressure into machine vats, and adds specified quantities of additives, such as salt or food coloring. Lowers baskets of shellfish into vats by hand or hoist, or pushes cars of shellfish into steamer chamber. Closes door of steamer chamber, clamps fasteners over edges of door, and turns wing nuts to secure door. Starts conveyors that move product through machines or into weighing carts. May turn screws to adjust tension of peeler, using wrench. May tend machines that slice, grind, and tenderize clam meat. May be designated according to machine tended as Clam-Shucking-Machine Tender; Shrimp-Peeling-Machine Tender; or by shellfish processed as Clam Steamer; Crab Steamer; Oyster Washer; Shrimp Blancher.