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Shellfish Processing Laborer

Perform tasks concerned with fresh packing or canning shellfishes.

What does a Shellfish Processing Laborer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks concerned with fresh packing, canning, freezing, or smoking shellfish: Transports shellfish, shellfish meats, cans, or cases to work area manually, or using wheeled hopper, handtruck, or power hoist. Loads conveyors, hoppers, or handtrucks with product, cans, or cases. Spreads shellfish on conveyor, drenches them with water, and removes foreign matter. Weighs shellfish or shellfish meat, using scales. Records weight of product on standard form. Sorts shellfish according to size, and trims off unusable portions, using knife or scissors. Packs shellfish meat in jars, cans, or boxes, and packs containers in crushed ice to fresh pack. Cleans conveyors, machines, and work areas, using high pressure hose spray. May feed cans and lids into lidding machine [PACKAGER, MACHINE 920.685-078]. May be designated according to work performed as Shellfish Checker; Shellfish Packer; Shellfish Sorter; Shellfish Weigher.