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Shellfish Grower

Raise varieties of clams and oysters for scientists and restaurants.

What does a Shellfish Grower do?

The world’s food supply is dwindling, so Farmers, Scientists, and Politicians are all looking for ways to grow crops and make food readily available to the masses. One way they do that is through aquaculture farming or fisheries. Sea animals are raised at these facilities specifically for human consumption. Shellfish Growers make a living from raising and harvesting clams and oysters.

If you want to be a Shellfish Grower, plan to spend your days outside. You need to be prepared to face all weather conditions and get your hands wet. It’s physically demanding work, but it’s rewarding when you rake up piles of your hard-earned shellfish.

Shellfish Growers typically live near the coast, since clams and oysters are saltwater animals. To create the most hospitable conditions for the shellfish to mature, you carefully plan and maintain water depths using your hands, rakes, shovels, and tractors. Then you rig nets, apply layers of sand and other materials, dig out the harvest, and package shellfish for shipment. Other animals feed on shellfish, so you also hunt down and remove predators from your shellfish bed.

When you aren’t knee-high in seawater, you may also have administrative and managerial duties to attend to, like hiring and training employees, ordering supplies, organizing deliveries, signing contracts with vendors, selling your crop, and taking care of paperwork.