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Sheetmetal Technician

Shape metal pieces to make ductwork, paneling, or roofing materials.

What does a Sheetmetal Technician do?

What do the homeowner who needs a new metal roof and the business owner who needs new ductwork have in common? Both need the services of an experienced Sheetmetal Technician. Sheetmetal Technicians create, shape, and install metal pieces ranging from heating and cooling ducts to metal roofing to car paneling.

Your toolbox is your best friend in this profession. Whether you’re measuring a building for an installation job, or banging and bending a piece of metal into a perfectly shaped panel, you use both handheld and computer-operated equipment to see that every arch or bend is manufactured with exact precision. It takes a detailed understanding of blueprints, computer drawings, and the tools and materials you’re working with to craft the right piece.

Once you’ve shaped the pieces in the factory, you cart them out to the installation site. Depending on the job, you may pass them off to an assembly line or install them yourself. Clients can save money by hiring a Sheetmetal Technician who both builds the necessary parts and makes the desired installations or repairs.

In between large installation jobs, you inspect the metal at buildings or homes for signs of wear and tear. Even the toughest material is subject to denting and corrosion over time. A sharp eye can spot necessary repairs before they become time-consuming and costly.