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Shearing Machine Operator

Tend machines that shear naps, loose threads, and knots from cloths.

What does a Shearing Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that shears nap, loose threads, and knots from cloth or carpet surface to give uniform finish and texture: Mounts roll of cloth on brackets at feed-end of machine, using hoist or by lifting one end at a time. Sews end to leader, using portable sewing machine, or pulls end of cloth over and under several feed rollers, under knife blade roller, over wire point tension roller, and secures end to takeup beam. Turns crank to regulate knife blade roller to cut nap to specified depth. Starts machine and smooths wrinkles from cloth entering machine, using hands, to prevent blades from cutting into fabric. Raises knife blade roller to permit seams to pass under blades without being cut. Doffs roll of cloth from delivery end of machine. May replace knife blade, lubricate, and clean machine. May convey rolls of cloth to shearing machine.