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Shear Operator II

Tend power shears that cut metal objects.

What does a Shear Operator II do?

Tends power shear that cuts metal objects, such as sheets, plates, billets or bars, to specified length: Lifts workpiece manually, or by hoist or crane, to machine bed or roller table. Positions workpiece against side guides and end stops or aligns layout lines under shear blade. Starts machine that clamps workpiece and lowers blade to cut metal. May tend shear on production line where shear is fed by conveyor, such as automobile frame line or rolling mill. May position stops according to calibrated gauge on machine to shear to length such items as scrap, billets, or reinforcing rods. May verify size of sheared items, using tape measurer, caliper, or template. May shear metal to specified circular or curved dimensions. May be designated by type of shear as Alligator-Shear Operator; Gate-Shear Operator I; or by application of shear as Hot-Billet-Shear Operator; Scrap-Shear Operator; Square-Shear Operator II.