Shaper Operator

Set up and operate single- or double-spindle shaping machines.

What does a Shaper Operator do?

Sets up and operates single- or double-spindle shaping machine to cut grooves, rabbets, flutes, or pattern shapes on surface and edges of woodstock: Examines drawings, blueprints, or written orders to determine cutting pattern. Selects, installs, aligns, and adjusts cutterheads, guides, and jigs to make specified cuts and shapes, using handtools. Starts machine and feeds woodstock into cutterheads, holding and pressing stock against guide or jig to obtain specified cut. Measures shaped stock to verify conformance to pattern, using rule, calipers, or gauges. May hold and push stock into cutterheads without aid of jig or guide. May sharpen and mount cutting knives in cutterheads, using balance scale, truing I block, emery wheel, and wrench. May be designated according to machine operated as Double-Spindle-Shaper Operator. May operate shaper machine to mold panels by cutting away sections along edges of stock and be designated Panel-Raiser Operator. May be designated according to parts shaped as Small-Parts-Shaper Operator.