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Shaker Plate Operator

Tend machines that position small arms cartridges in holed plates.

What does a Shaker Plate Operator do?

Tends machine that positions small arms cartridges or components in specially holed plates and inspects parts for conformance to standards: Places plate on shaker bed and scoops parts from hopper onto plate. Starts machine and spreads parts over oscillating plate by hand or with stick to fill depressions. Stops machine and shakes plate to invert parts not upended. Examines cartridges and components for defects, such as dents, burrs, scratches, and reversed or missing parts, using magnifying glass for minute parts. Removes defective parts, using tweezers, pick, or wax-tipped stick. Inverts parts, using transfer plate, to examine both ends. May record quantity of rejections according to type of defect. May shake parts through gauging screens to verify conformance to specified dimensions.