Sexual Assault Counselor

Help sexual assault victims heal.

What does a Sexual Assault Counselor do?

After a sexual assault, victims need support and guidance. Sexual Assault Counselors help those who have experienced sexual assault to recover from this traumatic event. These Sexual Assault Counselors may serve in roles similar to that of a Psychologist, counseling both individuals and groups. Or, they may work with Nurses at emergency rooms, comforting and helping individuals who come in for medical help after an attack.

As a Sexual Assault Counselor, you know the myths and realities that surround rape and other forms of assault. You help your patients realize these truths and create a safe environment for healing. This could mean joining group therapy, building a network of trusted friends and family members, or even filing charges against the attacker.

When working in an emergency response situation, you assist the victim in seeking medical attention. An attack can leave the victim disoriented and upset, so you work to calm them down and help them take the best course of action. Some may wish to call the police while others do not. In both cases, you focus on what’s best for the patient’s emotional and mental health.

In your group therapy sessions, you help survivors talk about their experiences. Knowing they’re not alone plays an important role in the healing process. You encourage positive talk and help each person set small goals toward putting their lives back on track. Sexual assault has a lasting impact on a person, but you can help turn that negative experience into positive growth.