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What does a Sexologist do?

Everyone’s heard that guys think about sex every seven seconds. But where did this come from? And is it even true? As a Sexologist, you can answer these questions because you spend your days researching and investigating different aspects of sexuality. You think about what “normal” sexual behavior is, how culture influences sex, and how sexual dysfunction comes about.

In other words, your job as a Sexologist is to be an expert on sex. You can approach your task in a few different ways. For example, you might spend your days doing research, carrying out studies, or seeing patients. What you focus on under the title of Sexologist will dictate what your day-to-day activities look like.

Just like any researcher, you start sex research with a question that you want to find answers to. You might be interested in sexual deviance and how certain turn-ons work. Or you might study why some couples lose interest in each other the longer they’re together, and how that can be fixed. You form a theory, devise an experiment, and then test your beliefs before reporting your findings in a paper or report.

When you hold therapy sessions, you combine your experience as an Educator and researcher to approach the topic of sex from a more research-oriented point of view. This may be different from how other Sex Therapists do the job.

Sex is still very much a taboo topic, so the role of Educator in this field is an incredibly important one. You present the evidence you have gathered through research and study, and use this in an effort to prevent disease, encourage acceptance of different sexual lifestyles, and generally improve the sex lives of people.