Sex Therapist

Help people deal with all aspects of their sexuality.

What does a Sex Therapist do?

Conducting sex therapy sounds a lot more racy than it actually is. Just like any other therapist, a sex therapist sees clients to discuss problems and issues in their lives. The difference is in the subject matter: sex therapists have client conversations that revolve around things like the inability to orgasm, rapid ejaculation, and abnormal sexual desires.

As a sex therapist, you deal with a wide variety of sexual issues, and with a wide range of clients. They can be couples, individuals, homosexuals, heterosexuals, or people of any age. Just as a person goes to a dentist because of problems with their teeth, a person comes to you when there’s something wrong with their sex life.

For the most part, your therapy sessions involve talking things out, discussing issues from past relationships or sexual fears that a client may have. You can try other methods besides discussion, like giving homework assignments or using visioning exercises to explore a person’s deepest desires. You might also give a basic anatomy lesson, or explain the ways different types of touch or sensations can help a sex life.

Once you get past the racy element of your work, you realize how much you can help people understand and accept themselves through your work. Sex is an intimate subject, and you help people come to terms with aspects of their sexuality, especially if they’re struggling to come out as gay or trying to overcome their inhibitions. You also help couples who have been together for a long time in rekindling their passion, and dealing with problems like differing frequency expectations or turn-ons.