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Sex Crimes Detective

Investigate cases involving sexual abuse.

What does a Sex Crimes Detective do?

Sex Crimes Detectives investigate crimes that usually involve some form of sexual abuse. A Sex Crimes Detective helps put the perpetrators of these crimes behind bars, allowing justice for the victim and their family.

The crimes you deal with as a Sex Crimes Detective range from molestation to rape to sexualized murder, and you make sure to report the details accurately. You’re one of the specialized eyes that survey a crime scene once it has been reported. To do the job well, you must have a strong stomach and an even stronger heart, and you must maintain a balance between remaining tactful with sensitive issues and having thick skin.

You’re an analytical thinker, able to make connections between mountains of research and witness statements. You work with members of a forensics team to discover physical evidence of a crime, question possible perpetrators with your partner, and often end up making arrests on the job. You bring multiple facets from each piece of evidence and stitch them all together to make one truth.

The truth you reveal is used in court to uphold the law. You’re not biased, as justice requires you to be completely impartial. You provide testimony in court and work with Attorneys to make sure that if a perpetrator is guilty, they’re given a proportionate sentence.

You face tough realities every day, but you have the chance to prevent these crimes from happening again by ensuring that those who break the law are found and punished.