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Sewing Machine Operator I

Operate sewing machines to join or decorate parts of household articles.

What does a Sewing Machine Operator I do?

Operates sewing machine to join, reinforce, or decorate parts of household articles, such as bedspreads, curtains, drapes, bed linens, mopheads and quilts: Guides parts under machine needle to sew stiffening material to tops of drapery panels, or elastic to fitted articles, or to stitch ruffles to curtains and chair pads, or to sew tape, fringe, or welt to seams or edges of articles to decorate or reinforce them. May oil machine, change needles, and secure modifying attachments to machine. May be designated according to article or parts of articles assembled as Bedspread Seamer; Buckram Sewer; Cover Assembler; Elastic Sewer; Fringer; Lining Sewer. May be designated: Mophead Sewer; Panel Sewer; Quilt Sewer; Taping Machine Operator. May mark patterns on articles with chalk and sew along markings to decorate articles. Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT Master Title.