Sewer System Supervisor

Keep whole sewer systems flowing smoothly.

What does a Sewer System Supervisor do?

Snaking underneath sidewalks and yards lie the waste removal systems that Sewer System Supervisors oversee and plan out for maximum efficiency. Though the average person may give little thought to what happens when he flushes the toilet, a Sewer System Supervisor knows that without a properly installed and well-maintained sewer system, things can get messy.

If you’re a Sewer System Supervisor, you investigate problems and solve them in a way that causes the least impact on the surrounding buildings. No need to shut off water for an entire block when you only need to work on one house.

Inspections take up a big part of your crew’s time, and you’re the one who sees that the job is done in accordance with safety rules and regulations. Installations also play a role in your line of work. New buildings are erected every day, and each one needs plumbing.

Planning out a new sewer system, or an addition to an existing one, requires careful inspection of blueprints and a tally of the required parts. Choosing pipes in the right size and material type prevents cracks, breaks, and leaks – events that no city wants to deal with.

You also tame the paper beast made of all the forms you need for filing permits, scheduling work times, and signing off on safety inspections. With you around to control the maze of pipes that weaves back and forth throughout the city, the sewer system can stay where it belongs: out of sight and out of mind.