Sewer and Inspector

Inspect seamless hoses for knitting defects.

What does a Sewer and Inspector do?

Inspects seamless hose for knitting defects and operates sewing machine to close openings in toes of hose: Pulls hose over inspection board to turn hose inside out and inspects hose for defects, such as holes, runs, and dropped stitches. Revolves inspection board by hand to inspect both sides of hose. Slides toe portion of hose off end of inspection board and positions toe of hose under presser foot of sewing machine. Presses pedal to start machine and guides toe of hose under needle of machine to close toe. Strips defective hose from inspection board by hand and places hose aside for mending. Pushes hose without defects from left to right off board, where hose is sucked through opening in end of board to turn hose right side out and stack hose in rack. Threads and cleans lint from sewing machine. May examine stitch markings on defective hose to identify malfunctioning knitting machines and flip switch under corresponding machine number on panelboard to stop machine and notify fixer. May attach toe of hose to mechanical device that automatically feeds toe of hose under needle of sewing machine to close toe.