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Sewage Disposal Worker

Clean and maintain equipment in sewage disposal plants.

What does a Sewage Disposal Worker do?

Cleans and maintains equipment in sewage disposal plant to facilitate flow and treatment of sewage: Cleans filter screens, processing tanks, and walkways, using hose, brushes, and chemical solutions. Cleans precipitates, such as grit, sludge, trash, and muck from sump, catch basin and grit chamber, using shovel, rake, and hand pump. Lubricates equipment, such as pumps and valves. Opens and closes gates and valves according to gauge readings or warning lights on equipment. Collects samples of decontaminated refuse for testing. May conduct test on sewage sample, using colorimeter. May maintain grounds and outbuildings [GROUNDSKEEPER, INDUSTRIAL-COMMERCIAL]. May be designated according to equipment cleaned as Catch-Basin Cleaner.