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Set-Up Mechanic

Set up and adjust battery of machines that paint or trim wooden pencils.

What does a Set-Up Mechanic do?

Sets up and adjusts battery of machines that paint, stamp, tip, or trim wooden pencils: Installs and adjusts feed mechanisms, guide rollers, tracks, machine fittings and attachments, according to size and shape of pencils, using handtools and gauges. Adjusts controls, such as setscrews and cams to synchronize machine mechanisms. Regulates thermostatic controls on heated units of machines. Disassembles machines and replaces worn or defective parts, such as circular knives, grinding wheels, and rollers. Sharpens machine punches and blades, using files and powered emery wheel. Starts machines to test adjustments and examines pencils for defects, such as burns, splintered ends, and nicks to determine needed readjustments. Replaces or repairs defective machine belts. May be designated according to type of machine setup as Set-Up Mechanic, Coating Machines; Set-Up Mechanic, Heading Machines; Set-Up Mechanic, Stamping Machines.