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Service Engine Repairer

Repair internal combustion engines in factory service departments.

What does a Service Engine Repairer do?

Repairs internal combustion engines in factory service departments or repair establishments, according to company specification charts, using machine tools, handtools, and measuring instruments: Positions and bolts engine to test stand. Tests engine to determine malfunctions, using instruments, such as vacuum gauge, compression gauge, and exhaust gas analyzer. Disassembles engine and cleans parts, such as cylinder heads, pistons, ring grooves, piston domes, and cylinder sleeves, using cleaning solvent, sand blasting equipment, grinders, and wire brushes. Rebores and hones cylinders, and turns and undercuts armatures according to chart tolerances, using lathes, grinders, boring and honing machines. Repairs, replaces, or adjusts parts, such as valves, valve guides, and tappets, using valve grinding machine, screwdrivers, wrenches, and feeler gauges. Assembles and starts engine and adjusts carburetor and distributor to ensure smooth performance. May test and repair turbo-superchargers [AIRFRAME-AND-POWER-PLANT MECHANIC 621.281-014].