Sequencing Machine Operator

Set up and operate sequencing machines.

What does a Sequencing Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates sequencing machine to insert electronic components in programmed sequence onto paper tape for use in machine insertion of components onto printed circuit boards: Reads instructions to determine sequence, quantity, and types of components required. Mounts supply reels of components on spindles and threads component supply reel tape through machine. Installs and spaces holding devices on machine according to number of components to be sequenced, using wrench. Mounts paper tape reels onto spindles of machine to receive sequenced components. Keys data into computer terminal to enter program number that controls release of components in prescribed sequence onto paper tape. Presses button to activate machine and observes panelboard light indicators to verify sequencing procedures and to detect machine stoppages. Clears jams in holding devices and splices tapes, using handtools and adhesive tapes. Straightens bent wire leads or cuts damaged component from supply tape, using wire snips. Replaces defective components. Records production information. May operate sequencing machine equipped with verifier that automatically identifies faulty components.