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Septic Tank Installer

Operate back-hoes to dig trenches for installation of septic tanks.

What does a Septic Tank Installer do?

Operates back-hoe to dig trenches for installation of septic tanks and drain lines for sewage disposal system: Reads blueprints to determine location of septic tank and drainpipes. Operates back-hoe to dig and refill trenches for septic tank and tile drainpipes and to transfer crushed rock or gravel to provide drainage base for pipes. Lowers septic tank into excavation, using back-hoe as hoist. Directs workers engaged in spreading crushed rock and gravel, in laying tile drainpipe, and in connecting drainpipes to branch sewers. May verify levels of rock or gravel, base, and tile drainpipe, using surveyor’s or carpenter’s level.