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SEO Analyst



Drive a website to the top of search rankings by fixing its content.

What does a SEO Analyst do?

An SEO Analyst works for a company that pays him or her to optimize its website for the purpose of finding, attracting, and engaging Internet users. You see, online businesses have a much harder time reaching and recruiting new customers than bricks-and-mortar businesses. Whether it’s owned by a large corporation or a Small Business Owner, a bricks-and-mortar business has many ways to catch prospects’ attention. It can put up a flashy sign, for instance, rent a billboard, or even hire a Model or a Mascot to stand on the street corner and wave at cars.

Without streets, signs, or storefronts, online businesses find it more difficult to attract customers — unless they have the help of an SEO Analyst. When you’re an SEO Analyst, the company you’re helping might be an Internet company that does business strictly online, or an offline business that uses the Internet to build and advertise its brand. Either way, search engine optimization is a critical part of its marketing strategy.

The full-time equivalent of an SEO Consultant (an SEO Analyst is an employee, not an independent contractor), you do many of the same duties. Your primary responsibility, for instance, is analyzing your employer’s website, then developing and executing strategies for improving its search engine rankings with text, links, navigation, and design.

To do that, you perform keyword research to determine what words and phrases your target customers are searching for online. Then, based on your findings, you develop a plan for integrating those search terms into your website’s text and design with the help of Copywriters and Web Designers. Finally, you monitor your website’s metrics regularly to determine the success of your efforts, making ongoing adjustments as needed.

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